• 29 novembre 2005

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Où et quand: 2005-11-29 - Cyranos

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South Western Cuisine?....NOT !!! Upon entering the restaurant we found both the ambiance and our reception perfectly fine. Sadly it was all down hill from there. We ordered their Classic Margaritas both a regular and large size these were perhaps the worst Margaritas we have ever tasted. They were not only tasteless, but I even question whether they remembered to add any Tequila, triple-sec, grand Marnier, or alcohol of any sort for that matter to the off the shelf mix they must have used. (I even doubt they followed the directions on the bottle, ) We tried two of their starters the “Poached mussels with white wine cream sauce” and “Angry Chicken Wings”. Poached Mussels first; just like the Margaritas I’m not sure the “White sauce” came close to any “White wine” during the preparation. Mentioned on the menu, was that the dish was garnished with chorizo (a Spanish sausage), we thought this sounded quite an interesting combination. After having tried it, it was not just interesting but it was also a bad combination. It didn’t work at all for us. Angry Chicken Wings; these are just half a dozen deep fries chicken wings server with two dips, one hot, one not. Quite an uninspired dish, perhaps it’s the patrons that these wings make angry. On to the main course; we ordered the “Sizzling Fajitas” (chicken and Beef) as well as a half rack of “San Antonio Side Ribs”. Sizzling Fajitas: The best thing we can say is that they did sizzle, other than that they were absolutely tasteless. There was no South Western cuisine type flavor to be found, unless I misunderstood and they were referring to the southwest of England. In which case they hit the nail on the head with their spiceless, bland, tasteless offering.By far the worst attempt at a Fajita’s this side of the Thames. San Antonio Side Ribs: Average…no below average, but I managed to eat them so they weren’t terrible. To add insult to injury when we told the waitress that the Fajitas didn’t have any South Western flavor whatsoever, she replied,” We’re not a Mexican Restaurant you know , people around here don’t like spicy food”. So if you want to eat all the “South Western food” you like without fear of developing a duodenal ulcer this is the place for you. All in all we would have done better, or at least come out even if we’d gone to Taco Bell instead.
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