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  • m._papillon / 11 years ago

    Dec.2007. We were 2 couples and wanted to have a very good italian food experience. We were very disappointed. The waitress was talking to us with no smile and wihout looking at us busy to place the napkins on our lap acting very fast and rudely. My boyfriend managed to get a couple of faint corner smiles from her but he worked hard. We ordered a bottle of italian wine at 55 $. It's strange but I had a feeling when she showed it to me that it was not the right year but in the spirit of excitation of coming to Toronto for the week-end with friends and being already in a deep conversation I did not re-checked the menu. I took the wine. This is only when we went to the LCBO on Younge St. the day after that we realized we had been fooled. By pure coincidence (we were not looking for it) I saw the same bottle of wine (exactly the same year) for 8 $!!!!! Usually restaurants charge 2 to 3 times the price of a bottle. This time more than 8 times the price!!!!! I was raging to have been so grossly taken advantage of by that place with such a crapy service. That restaurant is laughing at their customers. This is pure non-respect. I will never go there again. The food however was good. But please don't encourage that restaurant which just does not care about people.
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  • charm / 13 years ago

    Very good lamb tenderloin and Sea bass. The White chocolate cheese cake with the berries centre is a must.
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