East India Company

210 Somerset St. W.

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  • anne6547 / 11 years ago

    This was by far the worst Indian food I've ever eaten!!! Our take-out order cost nearly $50 (expensive for the amount of food it included) and on top of that the food was inedible. I'm pretty sure one of the supposed "curries" was made with mushroom soup, which last I checked was not native to India. I felt sick all night. If we'd been at the restaurant, I would have sent it back and walked to the nearest fast food giant, instead. What a disapointment!
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  • karine1081 / 12 years ago

    You walk in and its so beautiful the decorations and the naan stove very impressive. It stops there, the food was boring, the daalh was missing a wow factor, the service was quite inadequate. If you like chutneys well, you will be impressed, but you can't really fill up on condiments and pay for high price of the buffet, I don't recommend it all
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  • aloo_gobi / 13 years ago

    What a disgrace to Indian Food! Horrible Service, to accompany horrible food. Definately not authentic Indian food. No Naan Bread? It's like going to a chinese buffet with no noodles or rice. The quality and variety of the food does not justify the Overpriced Buffet. I will not re-visit this place again.
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  • nirma / 13 years ago

    The buffet is way too pricy in comparison to other Indian Buffets that we have gone to in Ottawa. That could have been forgiven considering the Indian appeal in the restaurant. However, who has an Indian Buffet that does NOT include Naan? That is like having lettuce, tomato, salama, mayo with NO bread. When we asked why there was no Naan, we were told that when the Dessert Bar was introduced, Naan was taken away from the Buffet Menu. No one wanted to pay 16.95 + taxes and then have to pay extra for Naan. Unforgiveable mistake !
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