Catch Oyster Bar/Restaurant

100 Stephen Ave. SE

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  • dale_allen_berg / 9 years ago

    Being a chef myself, spending the evening at Catch was a treat! I don't think some of the previous comments are justified when questioning this restaurants status. It is clearly a top runner amoung fine dinning restaurants across the country. The price? It is very typical for this type of experience. On top of this all, Chef Brad Horen has just been named Canadian Chef of the Year and for locals this place needs to be explored and enjoyed.
    Général: Valeur: Ambiance: Service: Nourriture:
  • mike_k / 11 years ago

    I have to agree that the Service and Value are sadly lacking in comparison to the great food. A great place to eat if someone else is paying and you don't mind the lack of service.
    Général: Valeur: Ambiance: Service: Nourriture:
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