Asahi Sushi Bar & Restaurant

379 Broadway
Winnipeg, R3R 0C1

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  • soya_sauce 2 mars 2005

    I was in their restaurant for take-out sushi and they refused to give me free soya sauce. So then I offered them a loonie for 2 extra packets and they still refused. I was entirely turned off by the whole idea of not giving out soya sauce and then refusing payment for packets that should be included with their take menu. Very dissatisfied. Not happy with Asahi. Also I have had complainents about other people getting food poisioning. Probably rotten fish. Now because I am a respected Japense business man I'm sure that we can work something out and maybe you will rectify the shame you must feel about this entire incident. I have used the name Soya Sauce to help your workers remember the terrible service I was given. Much disrepect I have experinced. Let us hope you handle this as to not happen again. I would hate to have to escalate this to higher authorities.
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