Octagon (The)

7529 Yonge St.
Toronto, L3T 2B4

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  • viv3309 20 juillet 2005

    I must say the food is great; My favorite dishes are "The Chicken Neptune and the Saute Shrimps and my Boyfriend has the Steaks. the cost on the other hand is overated but you are getting what you paid for. However; the service is not so great. I would call myself a regular at this place (I am in there once a month at least)sometimes twice a month. They don't smile to much or maybe they just don't remember me. Point is service should be treated equally, wheather your a minority or majority.
  • patrick_chung 13 avril 2005

    The food was excellent. I enjoyed it alot. I had lobster tail and it was probably the best that I've had at any restaurant. The service was ok, sometimes there were a little snobby, but otherwise they were excellent. They always made sure my glass was full. The setting made my date feel uneasy at first. She said the design made her feel a little dizzy, but eventually she didnt focus on that and we had an excellent dinner. She had the Scallops, and said my plate was better than hers, so we shared. Great experience. Will go there again.
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