Chahaya Malaysia

1690 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa, K1J 6N5

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  • sebastien7419 24 mars 2008

    J'ai été agréablement surpris. C'est un excellent restaurant où le personnel est très acceuillant. La nourriture est excellente et le service aussi. Je recommande ce restaurant à quiconque. C'est petit, mais très chaleureux comme endroit. Je n'hésiterais pas à y retourner lors de mon prochain passage pour un match des Sénateurs à Ottawa.
  • marc3610 8 novembre 2005

    The food is fantastic! I really enjoyed it! The hot sauce warnings were also well taken! :o) Have to get used to the lady as she speaks to you like you were her kid! But she's very nice, you just have to be prepared! :o)
  • vs 4 novembre 2005

    Simply the best Italian Restaurant around. One of our Favourite places. Consistent, great home made food.
  • d3092 1 juillet 2005

    Great food -- the best Malaysia food in North America is what my Malaysian friends tell me--and i'd say they're probably right b/c i love it!
  • pat3066 29 juin 2005

    My husband, my colleagues and I have been enjoying the wonderful food at this restaurant for about 3 years now. The food is always excellent and the service is friendly and usually educational. The prices are exceptional. The owners of the restaurant always take the time to explain the various dishes and to make suggestions on other dishes that we might try. it always surprise me that they remember not only our faces but also our tastes. I would recomend this restaurant to both those who love the spicey food as well as those who are a little more timid.
  • grace3023 25 juin 2005

    According to my Malay friend, the food is pretty authentic. Every time we've gone, the food has been consistently good. I think the caucasian lady the last reviewer spoke about is the wife of the chef/owner. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to Malaysian cuisine and is quite amiable once you get to know her.
  • hamsta 20 juin 2005

    Great food! Horrible service though - would be better if they had a Malay woman serving rather than the cocky and arrogant caucasian owner!
  • gdf 14 juin 2005

    Poor service and so so food.
  • 19 mai 2005

    We absolutely LOVE your restaurant. We have been back on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with the food & the service! We love it so much that it is listed as one of our favourites on our website: We also dedicated an entire entry in our blog to your restaurant: Happy 20th Anniversary! We will be back soon for sure!
  • gandalf_grey 27 avril 2005

    The best lunch buffet near NRC on Montreal Road. Awesome spring rolls, excellent value. The evening experience is also excellent. My fav restaurant in the Ottawa area by far.
  • rose_mae 13 avril 2005

    Great food served with friendly service! Authentic Malaysian and Indonesian food which is not always easy to find in Canada. Also very flexible service when asked for special requests not on the menu. Chahaya offers the many flavored foods of Malaysia and Indonesia at reasonable prices. The menus has several appetizers, soups and desserts, as well as dozens of entrees including vegetarian choices. Great flavors and great deals abound on Chahaya Malaysian's menu. It's worth the visit!
  • trish_paton 1 avril 2005

    Chahaya Malaysia is awesome! The food, the service...never a disappointing experience. We look forward to each and every visit. THANK YOU!
  • reginald 11 mars 2005

    Very good and spicy food.
  • brent_crooks 6 mars 2005

    A great place for those little romantic unrushed dinners!
  • brian_thorpe 13 février 2005

    We have been enjoying this restaurant for a long time. We appreciate the wonderful service, the friendly atmosphere and most of all the fantastic food. Thank you for sticking around
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