When and where: 2015-01-11 - Ristorante Di Lusso

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I would like to clarify a few things with Nadia!!! I didn't take it upon myself to change the choices on the menu, by mistake I printed out the wrong menu that evening of your dinner. To my knowledge Brazed Lamb Shank is not a lesser quality compared to chicken, it is a higher quality!!!! Not to mention your guests that did ordered it loved it!!!! Also due to the error you and your guests got and extra service which was salad..everything that was given to you as extra's was due to the error not because I agreed to give it for free. I was NOT going to charge you for the extra's but you were very unpleasant and arrogant towards me and my staff!!! My restaurant is not a dump, I am in business for a very long time and have a great amount of satisfied customer that have been returning to my place for years!!!!! It was a error made with the menu's and unfortunately you did not know how to resolve the issue in a calm and professional matter!
Comment submitted January 11, 2015
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