When and where: 2005-06-12 - Usine de Spaghetti Parisienne

Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:

This restaurant is like no other. We went inside and waited 15 minutes for someone to sit us while tables were empty. All the customers were yelling at the staff but no one cared. We had to go find a table by ourself because the staff was all on break ! The salad bar seamed liek it sitting there for days and there were no clean plates! We had to ask for plates. Our food came and we had to go get the cheese from another table since the waitresses were all talking together and ignoring us. Other clients were waiting to pay for 20 minutes while standing! our bill finally came and our awful night came to an end! The waitress was always complaining about tiredness and telling us rude comments! NEVER AGAIN AND PLEASE NO ONE GO THERE EEEEEEEVER!
Comment submitted June 12, 2005
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