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  • Feldman T. / 6 years ago

    Just Great! Diego was great portions are good.
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  • MARCI F. / 6 years ago

    Had such a great time! The dancing and pool were also fantastic! Diego was the best.
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  • karine3164 / 9 years ago

    Très bon service,nourriture excellente mais un peu cher.
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  • gab7870 / 10 years ago

    We love the place! Everytime we go visit our friend in Ottawa we stop by the Kinki. The ambiance is awasome when the DJ is there (which has not be the case recently). The food is always fresh and most of the time the service is perfect! I recommend you to go with friends and please order the edamame (with extra salt!).
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  • bernard / 11 years ago

    I am a regular at Kinki. The food is great but the service sometime not quite to the level you would expect for that price.
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  • mary3528 / 12 years ago

    Despite a lot of negative reviews, I had to check this place out as I was attracted to the descriptions of the chef's specialties on the restaurant's website and the roll displayed on the website looked delicious (which turned out to be "the sashimi roll". I went on a Sunday for dinner and the service was great but it was early and not as busy when we arrived, so maybe that's why we had a better experience. I usually order nothing but original creations, I'm not a "California roll" kinda person. This is certainly not traditional Japanese style sushi, it's quite contemporary. If you like that kind of thing (which I do) then you will like kinki. The rolls were original, a variety of flavours and well rolled. Some of the specialties were a bit on the large side (I prefer bite size as sushi should fit into the mouth in 1 bite), but others were perfect. The kinki roll was the only one that was a bit disappointing as it was supposedly very popular, but it was too greasy compared to the same type of sushi I've had in Montreal. It was a maki that gets fried with tempura batter on the exterior only, and I just found it was either fried too long or the oil needed to be changed. Aside from that, everything else was great! Pricey? Yes, but that's what you get for originality and a trendy location. So I would return to kinki if I was in Ottawa again, and I would sit at the sushi bar again to chat with the chefs which was a pleasure, and I would definitely go on a Sunday.
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  • ww / 12 years ago

    I agree with the other reviews. The ambiance is good. The service and the food is definitely not worth its price. They forgot to bring the wasabi paste and ginger with the sushi, and the waitress did not even apologize.
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  • karine1081 / 12 years ago

    The food is sooo very good. The ambiance is cute but don't expect a japonese look, its more fusion than anything else. I asked the manager for some shots because to celebrate my g-friends b-day and he came good for them. As for our server, friendly and cool. but the food arrived much toooo slow we were very drunk by the time the food arrived. My friends were all very impatient and wanted to just get up and leave.
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  • frieda_wong / 13 years ago

    Good sushi, but agree with other reviewers that the place is over-priced and a bit pretentious.
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  • joe_kinland / 14 years ago

    I am amazed that a restaurant with such poor service and overpriced crap can survive this long.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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