Casa Minhota

3959 St-Laurent

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  • joanne_a. / 11 years ago

    Absolutely delightful restaurant! The food was excellent and the portions were very generous. The service was exceptional, and we appreciated the waiter's knowledge of Portuguese wines and desserts. We would most definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone and plan on returning often.
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  • vania / 12 years ago

    Tout simplement le meilleur restaurant portugais à Montréal.
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  • isabel5098 / 12 years ago

    excellent service et plats absolument delicieux , j'y ai été a plusieurs reprises et j'ai toujours adoré mon experience . Bravo a toute l'equipe et merci pour votre acceuil chalereux . Continuez votre excellent travail .
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  • anonymous3547 / 12 years ago

    I went to this restaurant with friends for my birthday and was extremely disappointed with the service. It took them 45 minutes to bring us our drinks, then 45 minutes for our appetizers and over an hour to bring us our food once the appetizers were finished. When we asked the waiter when the food would be ready he frankly told us whenever the cook was ready to make it - could be 10 minutes, could be another hour. On top of this, they were serving their Portugese customers before us (we were the last ones served even though we came in sooner and placed our orders before them). It is really a shame because the food was excellent...
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  • c4607 / 12 years ago

    Excellent. I don't have a clue as to why some of these voters disparage this restaurant. Furthermore, contrary to what a previous voter said, the meat is excellent (the steak is succulent, tasty, everything it should be!!). Also, regarding it not being a "high class" restaurant: I have been to several so-called "high class" establishments on St-Laurent, and I can honestly say that they can keep it to themselves! The service may be better in those restaurants, but the food is certainly not better. Great value, go and try it!
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  • france4433 / 12 years ago

    Nous étions un groupe. Dans le groupe, nous avions des amis portugais, ils nous ont donc recommandé les plats. Tout était bon et vous ne sortirez pas l'estomac vide car en plus d'être bon, les assiettes sont très grosses. A retourner
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  • fdb / 12 years ago

    Portugese cuisine is one of the most underappreciated; and yet it is excellent. This restaurant is a very good example. Food is very good, servie unpretentious. Good atmosphere. Definintely one of the best restaurants. Seafood is the key attraction.
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  • adriano / 13 years ago

    Excelent fresh food with flexible service (it's possible to make slight changes in the plate)
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  • mari_eve / 13 years ago

    je soui pas sur de vote!!!!exist pas 0 me jedonre 0 pasque e cher e pas bonne,evite lo restaurante
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  • decruyenaere_sophie / 13 years ago

    Bon rapport qualité/prix. Bon conseil pour le choix du vin.Accueil sympa.Ambiance calme.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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