Wi Sushi

3697 St-Jean

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  • just_want_to_share / 13 years ago

    Great place to dine; relaxing and welcoming. Food has great taste and value. I am a repeat costumer and never tired of ordering the same meal. It's too bad they don't serve fresh whole fish anymore - very tasty and inexpensive - we must demand that they do it again ;) You wouldn't want to miss it.
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  • melanie1105 / 13 years ago

    WiSushi is the best sushi I've ever had. I am a sashimi eater and I know freshness when I taste it. WiSushi definately ranks #1 in that category. The service is great also. For me these are the two most important qualities in a restaurant. As busy as it may be all the time it sure is worth the wait.
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  • anne1027 / 13 years ago

    New West-Island report: Wi Sushi.. weeeee !!! The service was fast (as fast as any sushi restaurants can be), fresh ingredients, although there might be a bit of lack imagination on the menu but for every day meal, it has great quality/value ratio. I recommended this restaurant for all 1st timers who want to try sushi and those who eat sushi weekly. If you want great sushi meal, this is not for you.
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  • m / 13 years ago

    Le seul sushi bar qui offre toujours une qualité égale. Nous y allons souvent car le service est amical et nous ne sommes jamais déçus de la fraîcheur des produits.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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