315 King St. W.

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  • nathalie5966 / 12 years ago

    This is trully a hidden gem in Toronto. Fabulous food & service. Highly recommended!
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  • steven_morris / 13 years ago

    Hello I went to Marcel's with my wife yesterday and I can say I was fully satisfied from the beginning to the end. Thank you to the staff.
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  • donna_demenchuk / 13 years ago

    Food was great. Service was great. AND they had air conditioning. While everyone else might look 'cool' sitting on a patio this weekend, we two old people were very happy in one of our 'cooler' favorite places.
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  • phil2450 / 13 years ago

    It may have had to do with Mother's Day but the restaurant was empty and the pre-selected dinner menu from which we couldn't deviate was far more ordinary than previous reviews had suggested. Overall, the restaurant was decent and honest, certainly not living to the hype other reviewers have helped created.
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  • samantha2430 / 13 years ago

    Just wanted to tell everyone that I brought my Mother here for Mother's Day and we had a fabulous time. All I had to do was choose the restaurant and pay the bill. The rest was done by Marcel's and they did a super job. My Mother had a great time and really enjoyed herself (this from a woman not easy to please). I love it when I get all the glory for so little work on my part. Thank you Marcel's; you guys were great!
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • pat_brady / 13 years ago

    One of the best meals that I have had in quite awhile. The steak was delicious. Cooked perfectly and almost melted in my mouth. The Keg doesn't do it half as well. The Maitre D was the most charming man I think I have ever met. I will definately bring clients here in the future to impress them as well!
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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