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25 York St.

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  • emma_ / 11 years ago

    I wanted to try that restaurant for so long, because everyone was going on and on about their cakes. First, when we got there the place was very crowded. When we asked the waitress how the place worked (where to order and stuff), she looked at us like we were total idiots. We ordered our food and waited for 10 minutes before getting our 2 pieces of cake. By that time, the place was not as crowded. So we were waiting by the counter and one of the girls came up to us and asked what we were waiting for. When we answered <>, she rolled her eyes and asked what kind, in a very rude way... As for the food itself, lets just say I've had much better cake for less. It wasn't fresh at all... So it was a disappointment for both of us.
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  • audrey1848 / 13 years ago

    It's unfortunate that this place is getting such a poor review from me. I go there all the time and have usually had great service, but everyone knows, it only takes one bad thing to happen before you stop going. I had an encounter with a very snobby waitress. I asked her to explain the difference between a raspberry and strawberry cake and it was as if I was some kind of idiot that could read. She basically yelled at me and said if I like strawberry take the strawberry one and if not choose the other. In any case, I was with friends so I made my choice and then asked for a hot chocolate. When I went to ask if I could have a glass of milk instead of the HC she simply acted as if she hadn't heard me and continued with what she was doing. After which she dropped all the cakes on the counter without even a word and marched off to take someone elses order. Extremely rude waitress. Unfortunate, because this place is usually very good.
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  • justine2301 / 13 years ago

    they should re-name it oh-so mediocre. if you are going to have a cafe that specializes only in one thing (in this case, cake)...then it better be mind-blowingly fabulous. their cake is quite expensive and only ok. good ambiance, but i'd rather get my calories eating ben and jerry's
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