Blackthorn Café (The)

15 Clarence St.

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  • ken7781 / 10 years ago

    Excellent every time we visit. Never a disappointment
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  • bernard / 12 years ago

    Franchement excellent et à mon avis de loin le meilleur italien à Ottawa. En plus, le prix est très raisonnable (considérant la qualité) et la selection de vin est inspirée. En passant, l'extérieur du restaurant ne donne pas une bonne impression. Ne vous laissez par arrêter...
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • / 12 years ago

    The terrasse is the best reason to go eat there. It's nicely situated in a court between old buildings with nice fountain. The food was ok (but the pasta was nothing compared to Flying Piggys), good portions. But as others, I felt the service was not that great. We waited at the entrance of the terrasse (in the back) to be welcomed, but took a while before they acknowleded us and only when I made a hand gesture. We had a fly in the water and mentionned this to th waitress, although it may not have been her fault (might have dropped after it got to our table), she said nothing, came back with another glass....which she filled up (half-way only) while walking to our table and spilling over on the floor and almost on us. She felt rushed ...or we felt that she did want to be there....and even though the terrasse was only half filled and 3 waiters were attending the area. Overall good ambiance, good but not great food, so-so service (maybe an off-night) and prices above what it was worth it.
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  • lisa_and_marc / 13 years ago

    LOVE IT!!!! Simply the best Italian food in Ottawa!!! The Lobster Ravioli is magnifico!! Can't wait to go back.... YUM
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • c._white / 14 years ago

    Experienced the Valentines day special. The food was exceptional. You could really taste the fresh spices in everydish..nice touch. Water glasses were never empty. Thank you Bella's for a wonderful experience.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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