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1256 Ontario E.

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  • s_lloyd_(aromes) / 9 years ago

    It's now called Osco. We started off with Goat cheese for Jannice and fish soup for me: Jannice's goat cheese was impressive: made of the freshest and most elegant portions of cheese my tastebuds could remember of, they had a tender memorable mouthsome. Quality of ingredients and freshness + luxury of the food have always been their forte at this table, and this was no exception. My soup was simply heavenly: although the all-flavorful aromatic soup was no surprise for me (I am used to their always tasty flavorful dishes), it's again in the freshness in high quality elements and ingredients of it all that I was stunned: the soup was impeccably tasty and had there been an access to the sea nearby, I'd bet that it was made of a fish that has freshly been caught and swiftly handed to a talented chefs on the spot..who at his turn had wasted no time in transform that fish into a delicious soup. 5/5 for the goat cheese. Same for the fish soup (only someone with a crooked imagination would have seen flaws in both appetizers!). Then our main courses did hit the table: Jannice had the pork medallions: impeccable in terms of execution (evenly cooked) and tasty. I picked one of their signature dish, the lobster bouillabaise: it was a perfect continuation to the fish soup I had right before -> impeccable freshness of the seafood, top quality of the ingredients (and most importantly: the right choice of ingredients --- so rightly selected that not one ingredient had overpowered another in terms of savors but on the contrary each superbly completed another in a harmonious enhancement of flavors). Impeccable! For the full detailed version of this review, go on my blog:
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • isabelle7446 / 10 years ago

    Petit endroit a découvrir! Un dé fait voyager en méditéranné on se sent a la maison! Le service est super chaleureux! Le rapport qualité prix est imbattale!
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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