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  • paul4558 / 11 years ago

    This is a classic McGill student & alumni hangout... but you gotta try this little restaurant off the beaten path. Decor is your classic pizzeria joint with little cafe style tables, exposed brick walls and hardwood flooring nicely aged. The noise level raises as the evening goes on since it's a tight little space that seats no more than 40-50 people at a time. It's got some amazing pizza with a doughy crust and a terrific tangy sauce. The pastas are also tasty. You really can't go wrong with anything on their menu. All meals start with a basic garden salad with mild Italian dresing. Only recently have I tried their cheesecake and boy, it's something else - light and fluffy stuff... just don't expect your rich, thick and dense New York style Junior's restaurant cheesecake. My wife and I have been frequenting this restaurant since our University days back in the early 90's. Service is just about always fast and friendly. Remember to tip well since the food doesn't cost a whole lot so the servers shouldn't be penalized for your small bill at the end of your meal. If you want a table without waiting in line, get their by 7PM. I hope this place is around forever, personal favourite dishes: Mushroom pizza and the Hawaiian pizza, topped off with Cheesecake for dessert.
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  • bgilch / 13 years ago

    Pizzas are delicious, pasta dishes are very good. Rapid service, though yes, the servers will tell you the brothers are bastards to work for (hi, Caibh + Barb). The food is very good considering the fast turnaround and the quality doesn't waver. They do it fast and right. The prices have been creeping upward and the pizzas are not cheap anymore but you will not find comparable quality elsewhere. Amelio's is part of a McGill student's staple diet.
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  • jane / 13 years ago

    Just to let people know that the management there verbally absuses their servers regularly. and they're not subtle about it.
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  • b / 13 years ago

    c`est vrai qu`ils ont la meilleure pizza en ville. surtout le 5 fromage!!!
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