Lezvos Ouest

4235 Décarie

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  • garrison / 11 years ago

    I tried Lezvos last week for the first time - the food was tasty, however the service horrible. I have never had such poor and rude service in my 40+ years of going out. The woman who claimed to be the owner said that our service was poor because we didn't have a reservation. The resto was about 60% full. She was so rude with such horrible language coming out of her mouth, my wife and I looked at each other and began to laugh. Concluding remarks - there are far too many good resto's in Montreal to waste your time at Lezvos.
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  • philip / 12 years ago

    I had an excellent experience. Great atmosphere, food and service.
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  • karine3356 / 13 years ago

    Excellent restaurant! La bouffe est tout simplement excellente et le service vraiment courtois. Les employés sont d'ailleurs toujours prêts à nous expliquer les plats et le menu. Le problème, c'est qu'il est un peu cher, mais étant donné les portions apportées, c'est tout à fait acceptable! Le service peut-être un peu plus lent quand il y a beaucoup de monde, mais en général, c'est très bien! L'ambiance est parfaite pour les soupers romantiques!
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  • marie-anne / 13 years ago

    C'est fermé.
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  • neil_anderson1213 / 13 years ago

    Except for the atmosphere (read: really dim lighting), this place was terrible. The fried zucchini & eggplant main course was like a giant deep-fried bar snack. They charge $13.95 for it! On the plus side, they carry Greek beer.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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