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  • valerie5740 / 12 years ago

    Pour ma part, c'est le meilleur restaurant pour manger des sushis a Montréal en ce moment!
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  • cesar / 12 years ago

    Meilleurs sushis en ville. Best sushi in town. Le service est exceptionnel. Excellent service with friendly staff.
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  • nicola / 12 years ago

    Great lunch special for $9.95. Miso soup, salad, a good sushi platter, ice cream and green tea! Great deal, especially for downtown. Looking forward to going back!
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  • sofia3992 / 13 years ago

    Terrific sushi,great service, My Favorite restaurant in montreal.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • daniel-mario / 13 years ago

    Pour un prix si raisonnable, j'ai ete tres satisfait. L'amibiance est tres correct, l'acceuil est bon, l'attente tres raisonnable et la cuisine est vraiment excellente pour un si petit prix. Fait avec des ingredients qui semblent toujours tres frais et bien appretes. Avertissement, on mange a sa faim, mais les assiettes ne sont pas immenses. Ce qui pourra etre un avantage ou un inconvenient, a vous d'en juger. Pour ma part, avec la table d'hote, j'ai ete tres satisfait.
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  • maaza / 13 years ago

    This is one of my favourite restaurants in Montréal. The service is excellent and they have very friendly staff. They serve each person a small complementary appetizer-of-the-day with your meal (for dinner time at least). I recommend trying the sushi pizza if you love spicy mayo. For the ice-cream selection they have more than just the usual green tea: ginger, red bean, mango, etc. The place is not very big, so you might want to reserve on a Friday or Saturday. If not they have a nice waiting area downstairs.
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  • andy / 13 years ago

    Good Restaurant. Excellent dishes with reasonable prices. Decor is simple but nice. Small location.
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  • rose_c. / 13 years ago

    Their lunch special is incredably bad. I ordered a $17 lunch special, but I can tell you that the portion is small and the quality is so-so. They served spring roll in their lunch special. I doubted when did spring roll become japanese food? It seems that they mix japanese rice with some cheap long grain rice. Don't they know that the rice is very important for the taste of sushi?? I don't know how is their dinner, but I don't think I am going back. There are so many good sushi place in Montreal. Give me a break!
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • enzo_san / 14 years ago

    Aptly named for the street it is on, this Japanese and Sushi resto has a delghtful and experienced staff. For good sushi at a reasonable price, especially being in the heart of downtown. The fried ice-cream dessert is awesome too, so leave a little room for that. I know that we'll be back to try more of the nice selection of appetizers. And some sushi off course.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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