El Meson

1678 St-Joseph

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  • patrick9995 / 7 years ago

    Quelle déception! Bière servie pratiquement "tablette", drink très tiède aussi. Pas d'air climatisé à l'intérieur, nous avons donc opté pour la terrasse, qui elle, est encadré de plate-bande en plastique qui ne laisse pas passer d'air. C'était suffocant! Le service était courtois, mais très lent, pourtant le restaurant était à moitié vide, environ 2h pour un souper pour 2 personnes. Les repas était digne d'un sachet de riz du IGA et d'une sauce en poudre, sans aucune saveur, sauf l'extrème abondance de sel. C'était ma première visite, et évidemment ma dernière aussi. À proscrire, ça n'en vaut pas le prix (80$ à 2 pour 2 repas, 2 drink et 2 entrées, sans café ni dessert)!
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  • victor9945 / 7 years ago

    Terrible service. It took 30 minutes to get our drinks, and one hour for some of the main dishes to be served. When I complained to my waitress, a waiter and then the cook (Mr. Lopez) instead to confront me and blame me for my lack of understanding! Customer satisfaction is clearly a foreign concept to this restaurant.
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  • bruce / 7 years ago

    Le meilleur restaurant de cuisine mexicaine authentique à Montréal
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  • sophie7829 / 10 years ago

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  • stephanie5200 / 12 years ago

    I was extremely dissapointed with El Meson. The Sangria is not really good (go figure for a mexican restaurent). The food was so so. I do not feel any love and the preparation of the plates. The food doesn't have that "taste" that you look for in a Mexican restaurent. We were at least 8 people and we all took something diffrent. We tasted everyone's food and the only thing that I tasted was the guacomole. Really dissapointed :-(
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  • karen4304 / 12 years ago

    This is honestly the first time that a highly rated restaurant on that has disappointed me. El meson is the worst Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. I would even venture to say that 3 amigos and Carlos and Pepes are better, actually hands down they are, and I don't even like those restaurants. I ordered the fajita at El Meson's and there was no small sizzling pan with the meat. They just put it in the plate along with the tortillas. The meal tasted like a nice attempt at making fajitas that just fell flat. The tables are covered with plastic and the aroma of the restaurant is unclean I unfortunately returned a second time, -not at my own volition, but with a group of coworkers. This time I ordered the barcacoa chicken platter that the waitress told us was Excellent. The chicken was dry, the sauce was bland and the veggies were limp and overcooked. I didn't even finish the meal although I was starved. . Don't be fooled that the other good reviews. They were posted almost 4 years ago, who knows maybe it was better then, now it's just simply terrible.
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  • georges / 13 years ago

    Nourriture excellente, j'ai pris l'assiette de crevettes, un vrai délice! Service impeccable et ambiance authentique. Leur carte à vins est complète et abordable. J'ai également gouté à l'agneau, tendre à souhait et présentation soignée. Ce restaurant vaut définitivement le déplacement.
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