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1228 Nobel

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  • marisol / 8 years ago

    4 diamants pour ce restaurant qui ferait mieux de le revendre et de s'offrir un peu de renouveau aussi bien au niveau de la carte des vins, de l'ambiance et de la cuisine. Cuisine qui quoique bonne de goût n'a rien d'original. Les assiettes se ressemblent toutes en décoration (si l'on peut utiliser ce terme). Il y a un laisser aller certain pour ce vieille adresse de Tremblant et c'est dommage.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • s_lloyd_(aromes) / 9 years ago

    Ok, this completed my last July 2009's culinary escapade up north in the Laurentians -> Started off with the seafood medley: although the idea of it is of a very simple casual appetizer, it turned out impressively flavourful and I was stunned by the freshness of each bite of it. Also of great mention: the perfect balance of flavors (no ingredient nor flavor had overpowered one another). Great! As main course, I took the venison loin: perfect tenderness and above all: savourish!! The dish was generous in portion (I was starving on that evening, so there's no better way to measure how generous the plate!) and came along impressive interesting and refreshing accompaniments: for ie, the homemade papaya was as delicious as exotically unexpected here (in a welcoming way. I truely enjoyed the "surprise/different/not common" homemade papaya accompaniment on that plate. I was less into the zucchini relish although it was well throught and completed the dish flawlessly. We ended sharing a chocolate volcano cake: rich, delicate and succulent! WINES ====== An interesting elaborate choice from several parts of the world. Really nicely thought/balanced/varied (one of those times you have pure pleasure of "decrypting" list of interesting and impressive wine choices. Although I prefered the decor of La quintessence (have just reviewed it separately), I might concede that both provide a very solid fine dining experience. It was excellent at Aux Truffes!
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
  • jim_whidden / 13 years ago

    Just had luch here twice. Luch menu is limited but very well done. The presentation is beautiful and the taste combinations are very well matched. Wine list is a bit over priced but quite extensive.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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