8020 105th St.

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  • jh / 13 years ago

    You should put the prime rib on their specialties. The food seemed to have been better a few years ago, I don't know what happened.
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  • sofie_laroc / 13 years ago

    The Keg is a Steakhouse with a renound reputation for it's excellent food and service, The servers are trained for a little over 3 weeks just to get a job there and they are put through "steakology" and a beer liquor wine knowledge course. This makes a huge difference when you are talking to the staff and relying on their recommendations and opinions on the menu. I would go to the Keg over any other chain resteraunt anyday.
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  • alain1458 / 13 years ago

    J'aime les filets mignons mais quand il sont trop cuit c'est pas croyable comment c'est mauvais..... Le serveur n'as même pas demandé le pourquoi je n'avais pas rien mangé!
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  • rob_hough / 13 years ago

    Fundamentally the food was good, BUT wine selections weak, service pretty good but much of that was apologies for not being seated for over an hour longer than promised, and ambiance reminiscent of eating next to a busy freeway. Don't go on Friday or Saturday.
    Overall: Value: Ambiance: Service: Food:
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