Chao Phraya

50 Laurier O.
Montreal, H2T2N4

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  • alain7093 May 8, 2011

    Bon mais cher, très cher... Excellent service; serveur jovial.
  • wasbane October 25, 2010

    I will never step foot in Chao Phraya again even though I had been going for the past 4 years and here is why.. A few days ago we went to Chao Phraya with a group of friends that had never tried it. When the waiter came to the table one of our friends asked him if he could explain the menu to which he rudely replied "You order and i'll bring the food" My friend explained to him that it was his first time and asked again if the waiter could explain the menu. The waiter responded "No, and if you are not happy you can leave" and left our table. I got up to talk to the waiter and explained to him that my friend was a bit older and just wanted some help with the menu. I also told the waiter that he had no right to speak to my friend that way. The waiter replied to me: "If you are not happy you can leave as well". We asked the waiter if we could talk to the owner and he said he was the owner. Now since he was so young I assume he probably is the owner's son. In any case, I am never stepping foot in Chao Phraya again even though the food is not bad...
  • catherine7013 January 13, 2008

    Excellent resto ! Le thai est notre cuisine préférée et nous avons adoré ce resto! La bouffe est vraiment excellente. Je vous recommande de réserver car c'est toujours plein. Il y a beaucoup trop de tables pour l'espace. mais ca vaut la peine. C'est un peu cher aussi, mais comparé à la qualité de bouffe, c'est correct !
  • nathalie6740 September 28, 2007

    EXCELLENT !!!!!!!
  • luc_desjardins February 10, 2007

    Excellent. Beaucoup de choix. Les tables sont collées cependant.
  • koala September 8, 2006

  • jm_lauaon June 24, 2005

    un classique
  • anonymous307 May 12, 2005

    Best Thai resaurant in Montreal by far!!!!
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