Ristorante Di Lusso

2351 Jean-Talon E.
Montreal, H2E 1W1

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  • Dani S. March 1, 2018

    Ristorante Di Lusso is my most favorite place to eat in Montreal, Canada.
  • alain7093 March 28, 2015

    Excellent. Grosse portion. Nous étions 7, tous ont adorés leur assiette (commande individuelle). Nous y retournerons!

    WinstonCroli:     2017-02-18

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  • Mel P. October 26, 2014

    Would like to say I had and amazing experience. The food was excellent, the service great and love the the way I was treated. Did a big party and everything was done the way I wanted, to the menu and the unbelievable low price. Did not find an other place that would give me the same quality food/service for this amazing price. Would like to thank the Chef and Staff for this great day. Mel. P.
  • Lina N. February 8, 2014

    Hi Im reading the comment of Nadia and I'm having a hard time believing it. My experience at the Restaurant Di Lusso was incredible. I did a surprise party for my husband 40th birthday back in February and we were 55 people. I gave the wrong time of arrival to my guest, so they all got there way in advance. Yet my guest got welcomed with a smile, they had to wait a bit but got accommodated in a professional way & always with a smile. Not only it was my mistake for the timing, the chef was telling me not to worry that it was ok and after all that, the chef surprised us with few plates that was not part of my menu... free of charge, which I found absolutely amazing!!! The food was AWESOME, the service was awesome, the restaurant is beautiful and very clean. My guest were super happy and full!!!! Not only I would recommend this restaurant, but I DID recommend this restaurant to everyone I speak to. Since the party I've been back many times & so all my guest. Btw Brazed Lamb Shank is a much higher quality then Chicken just saying :)
  • Anthony C. January 11, 2015

    I would like to clarify a few things with Nadia!!! I didn't take it upon myself to change the choices on the menu, by mistake I printed out the wrong menu that evening of your dinner. To my knowledge Brazed Lamb Shank is not a lesser quality compared to chicken, it is a higher quality!!!! Not to mention your guests that did ordered it loved it!!!! Also due to the error you and your guests got and extra service which was salad..everything that was given to you as extra's was due to the error not because I agreed to give it for free. I was NOT going to charge you for the extra's but you were very unpleasant and arrogant towards me and my staff!!! My restaurant is not a dump, I am in business for a very long time and have a great amount of satisfied customer that have been returning to my place for years!!!!! It was a error made with the menu's and unfortunately you did not know how to resolve the issue in a calm and professional matter!
  • nadia d.1 June 20, 2014

    This was by far one of the worst places I have been to. We organized a dinner for 16 people - group menu 40$. They took it upon themselves to change the choices on the menu to lesser quality food but still wanted to charge us the 40$. They also wanted to charge us more than the agreed upon price for the kids. When we complained his way of dealing with it was to threaten to charge us more for things he agreed to throw in for free. No respect for the owners and wouldn't eat there if I was paid to. A complete dump.
  • peter7951 October 23, 2008

    This charming little restaurant was excellent, the owner and chef Anthony was very charming, the food was excellent. Are waiter Harry was very funny and professional. Bravo Guys!!!
  • pino October 23, 2008

    Excellent resto, amazing food and service.
  • ulysse October 16, 2007

    dirty, isolated and small.. yarkkk
  • jp6762 October 10, 2007

  • h.b August 31, 2007

    Excellent resto, à recommander. Nous étions 6 hier soir, 30 août et je donne un 10 sur toute la ligne. Avions choisis des plats différents et tous étaient excellent.
  • sophie6678 August 30, 2007

    Bouf excellente ... mais.. accueil epouvantable par contre.... serveur detestable.. pas souriant et expeditif.. Dommage car la nourriture est delicieuse
  • johanne_&_andre March 2, 2007

    EXCELLENT SUR TOUTE LA LIGNE ! Petit resto d’environ un quarantaine de places. Donc, important de réserver. La table d’hôte varie de 23 $ à 35 $. Le décor est charmant et le service excellent. Nous étions sept personnes le samedi 24 février 2007. Puisque nous sommes des couche-tôt, nous avons réservé pour 17 h 30. Nous avons pris des plats différents (potage, salade, escargots, filet mignon, saumon, foie, suprême de poulet farci aux épinards et camembert, tiramisu) et les commentaires étaient unanimes; TOUS LES PLATS SONT EXCELLENTS ! Et que dire de l’accueil, du service courtois, de l’explication du menu; tout était parfait. Seul petit bémol, nous aurions dû arriver à 17 h afin d’avoir le temps de prendre un deuxième café. Alors, tenez-vous le pour dit ! Nous y retournerons assurément.
  • karine6087 February 19, 2007

    Ouais...Quelques détails importants...le soir, le choix se limite à la table d'hôte et les prix "commencent" à 30$. La bouffe était correct, rien de plus.
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